Rethink use of public network for your business

An efficient line of communication within your companies!

            In this day and age, cellphones have become the primary source of communication within most companies. Although investing in cellphones as the main source of communication for your company may seem like a feasible solution at first, after a closer look at the statistics, you may realize the negative implications, higher cost and the lack of profit in the long run.

            An employee’s efficient use of time at work is one of the main necessities for success and growth of a company. With this point in mind, an employer should always provide the most dynamic and advanced equipment minus unnecessary distractions.  Research has shown that the average person checks their phone approximately 150 times a day (once every 6.5 mins).  Studies also show that over two hours of an average person’s day is spent on their phones checking emails and social media, texting or playing games. Unless you are able to limit and control the usage of the cellphones provided to your employees, chances are the distractions caused by them will have a greater negative impact rather than positive.

As the company grows and the number of employees increase, so does the number of necessary phones and therefore the monthly payments. In most cases cellphone providers offer lower prices for both service and equipment only if you commit to a two-year contract. Also the lack of stability and availability of cellular networks can easily disrupt the flow of your business, especially in the case of an emergency.

            Last but not least, how important is information security to your business? In a public network you are vulnerable to interference from anyone. Cellular signals are open to public, therefore the chances of cyber intruders intercepting your line of communication is much greater than a secure, private two-way network within the company. Why put your business at risk of interference and poor service when you can have a safe, efficient and guaranteed line of communication?